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sleep famine

So I'm going to try and not sleep for a really long time. I just want to see who long i can last I tryed last night and yesterday but i only lasted for 12:00pm to 10:15am i was so close to lasting a full 24 hour so ya I started over at 12:00pm today when i woke from a one hour forty-five minute nap. so if you have any ideas to keep me awake please tell me. i'm almost finished my sisters Zim dvds so ya. i'll update telling you how its going and to say how many hours i've lasted its going to go smooooooooothly. GOD I'M TRIED. in the last 32 hours i have gotin 1hour 45mins opf sleep (From what i worte earlyer*CANT SPELL WORTH DAMN*) so ya and give me mental support poeple:) Thanx
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